Makai’s cable lay control development started in 1987 with a US Department of Energy research program requiring submarine cable placement and control that was beyond the capabilities of conventional cable laying. That power cable was placed in 1900 meters of water with an average placement error of only 4.7 meters. Since that first highly successful application, the development and use of Makai’s control system have been continuous. The reliability and robustness of the at-sea software has been demonstrated on many occasions and the accuracy validated through extensive post-lay surveys.

Makai Ocean Engineering’s involvement with deep water cable installation dates back to 1983. Our Cable Division was formed in 1988 to apply Makai’s capabilities to challenging cable installations worldwide.

Planning, monitoring, analyzing and real-time controlling of:

  • Commercial Telecommunications cables
  • Commercial Power cables
  • Seismic Industry hydrophone arrays
  • Offshore umbilicals

New Tools for Cable Route Planning
Andres, J., Nedbal, M., and Lipp, D., 2007 Submarine Telecom Forum, Virginia, USA