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Makai and the University of Hawaii Successfully Test a New ‘Hybrid’ Underwater Vehicle Prototype – Winter, 2015

-Makai Ocean Engineering, Inc. and the University of Hawaii (UH) have jointly developed a novel autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) that can effectively deploy seafloor sensing equipment by combining features of a free-swimming AUV and those of a bottom crawling vehicle. This ‘hybrid’ autonomous underwater vehicle is called the Bottom-Skimming AUV, or B-SAUV. The B-SAUV is propelled by thrusters but can touch, glide along ….Read More

Makai Awarded Small Business Grant for Deep-Drifting Sonobuoys – Winter, 2015

-Makai Ocean Engineering, Inc. has been awarded a competitive Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant focused on developing a new deep-drifting sonobuoy. Sonobuoys consist of a surface float connected by a tether to a hydrophone array that is used to listen for submarines in the ocean. Sonobuoys with hydrophones that have a short/shallow tether have a limited listening range. The Navy wishes to develop sonobuoys that ….Read More

Makai Selected for DARPA contract for Tactical Undersea Networks Architecture (TUNA) Project – Winter, 2015

-Makai Ocean Engineering, Inc. has won a competitive bid for a contract awarded by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) as part of a large effort in the area of undersea fiber optic-based communications networks, called the Tactical Undersea Network Architectures (TUNA). The TUNA program seeks to develop and demonstrate novel technology to restore temporary connectivity for existing tactical data networks in ….Read More

MakaiLay Power used by OUOCI Consortium to Install Power Cable in Venezuela – Winter, 2015

-Makai Ocean Engineering, Inc. recently modified the popular telecom cable lay software, MakaiLay, to address specific issues experienced by the subsea power cable industry. The result of this effort was MakaiLay Power, a real-time software tool for controlling power cable deployment at-sea. This software was recently purchased and used by the OUOCI Consortium to install a subsea power cable in Venezuela for the Chacopata-Margarita ….Read More

CAF – Development Bank of Latin America and Makai Complete a Study of Seawater Air Conditioning in the Caribbean – Fall, 2014

-CAF – Development Bank of Latin America has identified the potential use of deep seawater air conditioning (SWAC) systems in the Caribbean. Hotels and resorts are large consumers of electrical energy in Caribbean islands, and conventional air conditioning (A/C) systems account for around 40% of the total energy consumption in such buildings. SWAC uses deep cold seawater to replace the chillers used in conventional A/C systems, greatly reducing….Read More

Makai’s OTEC Turbine and Two New Heat Exchangers Arrive at the Ocean Energy Research Center in Hawaii – Fall, 2014

-Makai’s Ocean Energy Research Center (OERC) in Kona, Hawaii has received several major pieces of equipment for its Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) demonstration plant. Two new heat exchangers (2-megawatt thermal duty each), and a 100 kilowatt ammonia turbine-generator have arrived and are in various stages of installation and testing. To date, Makai has tested four condensers and three evaporators at the OERC, each made of….Read More

Makai releases MakaiPlan v6.0 for power and telecom cable route engineering – July 2014

-Makai has released version 6.0 of MakaiPlan, the industry standard GIS cable route engineering software. MakaiPlan is a tool to create and edit submarine cable routes, define cables and in-line bodies, define and adjust slack, instantly create Route Positioning Lists (RPLs) and Straight Line Diagrams (SLDs), and estimate system costs. Multiple planners and designers work interactively on cable installations with easy access to and….Read More

Makai welcomes new users of MakaiPlan and MakaiPlan Pro. – March 2014

-Makai made sales of MakaiPlan, GIS cable route-planning software, and MakaiPlan Pro, cable lay simulation software. Makai’s software continues to serve as the industry standard for cable planners and installers who serve the subsea telecom cable, power cable, and military markets. “We are excited to welcome several new clients to the large and growing club of MakaiPlan and MakaiPlan Pro users.” said Dr. Jose Andres, CEO of Makai….Read More

Route-engineering and planning tool grows in popularity – November 2013

-Makai Ocean Engineering has recently made multiple sales of their full-featured GIS route engineering software, MakaiPlan, to power cable installers who serve the offshore renewable energy market. “We have been monitoring the offshore renewables market closely,” said Dr. Jose Andres, CEO of Makai, “and we are excited that our planning and installation tools are being adopted so rapidly. The offshore wind and tidal markets present an….Read More

Makai awarded $3.6M to continue work on OTEC at the Ocean Energy Research Center in Hawaii – November 2013

– Makai Ocean Engineering has received a $3.6 million contract from the Hawaii Natural Energy Institute and the Office of Naval Research for research and design on the marine renewable energy known as Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion, or OTEC. Makai will perform this work at their Ocean Energy Research Center, located in Kona, Hawaii, which is the largest OTEC research facility in the world. OTEC holds great promise because the….Read More

SBSS purchases MakaiLay and MakaiPlan Pro for the CS Fu Hai – October 2013

– S. B. Submarine Systems Co., Ltd. (SBSS) has installed Makai’s cable installation software, MakaiLay, on the CS Fu Hai, a submarine cable ship. SBSS installed the latest MakaiLay software with full control capabilities this summer while the CS Fu Hai was dry-docked in Hong Kong. Makai engineers trained CS Fu Hai crewmembers to operate the software during this time. With this purchase, SBSS displays confidence in MakaiLay to….Read More

SAIC chooses MakaiLay Seismic and MakaiPlan Pro Seismic to simulate and control Ocean Bottom Cable (OBC) installation and retrieval operations – August 2013

– SAIC has purchased two MakaiLay Seismic licenses and one MakaiPlan Pro Seismic license for use in their seismic oil and gas exploration projects. SAIC owns and operates modularized cable engines and cable installation equipment together with well trained and certified MakaiLay operators to install submarine cables worldwide. SAIC often leases vessels of opportunity in the project region with which they deploy the Ocean Bottom Cables (OBCs)….Read More

Makai to present three OTEC projects at a clean energy conference in September in Honolulu – July 2013

– Makai Ocean Engineering, Inc. is confirmed to present on three important aspects of Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) technology at an upcoming conference in Honolulu, Hawaii September 9 – 11. The conference, called the Asia Pacific Clean Energy Summit, has a special OTEC Symposium portion, which is being organized by the USA’s NOAA and its Korean counterpart, KIOST. The symposium will feature presentations and….Read More

Global Marine System cable vessel fleet chooses MakaiLay to control cable installation and repair operations – July 2013

– Global Marine Systems Ltd is in the process of converting six of its cable installation and repair vessels to begin using the latest Makai software technology. With the addition of GMSL to the list of customers, Makai software products are now used by every single large installer and most of the smaller telecom cable installers in the world, accounting for more than 80% of the world’s cable installation fleet. GMSL vessels will now use the latest….Read More

New Submarine Cable Repair Software – June 2013

– Makai Ocean Engineering releases the Makai Repair software. Makai Repair extends the capability of Makai’s industry-standard submarine cable planning and installation software suite to include at-sea cable repair and recovery operations. It is a standalone product which runs on a standard PC operating with Microsoft Windows 7, 8 or XP which is installed on a repair vessel. The software is available in two versions:….Read More

MakaiPlan 5.1 Released – June 2013

– MakaiPlan 5.1 has been released. With over 270 licenses sold worldwide, MakaiPlan is the telecommunications industry standard software tool for creating submarine cable routes, defining cables and in-line bodies, editing routes, defining and adjusting slack, and instantly creating RPLs and SLDs. This version includes many new significant features also useful to the marine renewable industry where acceptance of MakaiPlan is rapidly….Read More

Makai Receives ISO9001:2008 Certification – June 2013

– Makai Ocean Engineering, Inc. has achieved ISO 9001:2008 certification, an internationally recognized standard for quality management systems. The Certificate is only awarded to companies that can demonstrate their ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer requirements, placing customer satisfaction as a key component of those requirements. The ISO 9001:2008 certification for engineering, design….Read More

Makai to add 100-Kilowatt turbine generator to the Hawaii OTEC Facility in Kona – May 2013

– Makai Ocean Engineering announced two endeavors in assisting the Navy to reach its alternative energy goals. The first is the design, planning and procurement of a 100-kilowatt turbine-generator for the Hawai’i Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) Test Facility. The second project includes the installation and operation of this turbine-generator, as well as the design and testing of two new OTEC heat exchangers. “Makai Ocean….Read More


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