Deep Ocean Buoys and Mooring Systems

Recall Buoy Systems

Makai was contracted by Exxon, USA, to design, fabricate, and test a timed and acoustic released recall buoy for Exxon’s subsea production system. This 2,500 pound buoy of syntactic foam and aluminum was designed for 3,000′ depths and its capability proven in deep water offshore of the Makai Pier.

Boat Mooring

Makai has designed a series of small boat moorings off Molokini Island for the State of Hawaii. Makai has also developed a large 25 ton mooring for an Atlantis submarine and support boat off Lahaina, Maui.

Deep 2-Point Mooring

Makai designed and developed the deployment plan for a 2-point barge mooring in 1,300′ depth off Honolulu, Hawaii. The mooring was used for a suspended OTEC pipeline test and therefore the environmental loading on the mooring was quite severe. The mooring was deployed and performed as required.

Fish Aggregation Devices

Fish Aggregation Devices (FADs) are buoys which are moored in deep water, used to attract fish, and to improve overall fishing.  Makai has designed 3 separate buoy systems and their moorings for the State of Hawaii. These buoys are located in depths ranging from 2,400′ to 6,000′ at 26 different sites. To date, the Fish Aggregation Buoy program of the State of Hawaii has proved very successful and the Makai designed buoys and moorings have been in use for many years.

Deep Barge Moorings using HDPE Pipe

Makai developed the mooring and pipe concept for Mini-OTEC which was the first successfully operated at-sea OTEC plant. Makai supervised the installation of this 3,000′ deep mooring and cold water intake system. Makai recently  completed a conceptual design for a similar but much larger system for India’s National Institute of Ocean Technology.

Mooring for Simulated Submarine

Makai developed a Mooring Analysis and Engineering Recommendations for a Simulated Submarine Target to be installed off the coast of Marine Corps Base Hawaii at Kaneohe during 2000. The buoyant 50′ long, 8′ wide simulator system will be moored 60′ below the surface in water of 130′ depth.

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