Automated Slack Control Submarine Cable Lay System

The AutoSlack module allows theMakaiLay system to automatically control bottom slack by controlling cable payout rate. 

The software uses Makai’s 3-D dynamic monitoring algorithms to predict the near-future cable shapes, touchdown and slack conditions.  It computes the appropriate cable payout speed in order to achieve the desired seafloor cable slack.

The system can adjust cable payout rate to compensate for changes in ship speed coupled with changes in bathymetry and in the dynamic cable shape. Autoslack can be directly coupled with the cable handling equipment.

The system computes future cable conditions and graphically displays the future cable shape profiles, future bottom slack, surface slack, ship speed, payout speed, bottom tension, and surface tension. 

Slack control operates in any of the following four modes:

  • Off:  Slack control is not operational.

  • Manual:  Slack control computations are completed and displayed, but automatic adjustments are not made to ship speed or cable payout.

  • LCE Payout:  Slack control computes the proper LCE speed in order to achieve the proper seafloor slack under current and future conditions. LCE instructions can be sent digitally.

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