Cable Software

Makai software models a variety of cable operations

Makai offers a suite of software products that greatly improve the speed and quality of submarine cable installations, including onshore planning and simulation, operator training, as well as at-sea laying and retrieval. Our comprehensive suite of software packages are designed to reduce risk and provide quality control throughout the subsea cable deployment process.
We provide software to:

  • Plan the installation or retrieval of a cable.
  • Simulate and analyze cable installations or retrievals with realistic ocean conditions.
  • Monitor and control in real-time the installation and retrieval of a cable.

The core of Makai’s cable software is a powerful 3-D cable model. This fast, dynamic finite-segment model was developed by Makai specifically for precise real-time cable laying control. Virtually any cable type or cable body can be incorporated into the model. Our algorithms have been rigorously validated through successful use by the US Department of Defense and commercial clients for planning and controlling numerous critical cable lays and retrievals since the inception of Makai’s software division in 1989.