Job Opportunities at Makai

Makai Ocean Engineering, Inc. was established in 1973 as a diversified ocean engineering and naval architecture company providing service primarily in Hawaii and the Pacific. In Makai’s early years, we took a technical lead in a number of innovative projects that helped develop a unique set of skills and expertise. Deep water pipeline design for energy applications, marine vehicles and deep water cable installation software development were some of those projects.

Today Makai’s services have greatly expanded, and we are more global in nature. Our clients are found throughout the world. Makai has developed a broad spectrum of engineering expertise and provides services in research and development, design, construction engineering support, construction management, testing, and systems analysis, cable lay planning, analysis and support and other diverse operations in the marine field. Makai takes pride in providing innovative award winning design solutions to complex ocean engineering challenges. Our personnel have extensive engineering, software development and technical backgrounds and are experienced in working on new and unique projects and in the preparation of comprehensive design documentation, specifications, cost estimates, engineering reports and presentations.

“At Makai, there is a camaraderie of smart people who work together as a team to solve difficult problems. Usually at other companies there are weak links, but at Makai there are none.”

– Makai Engineer

Makai has developed a unique and powerful culture where creativity, intelligence, hard work, and independence are celebrated. These values are tempered with respect, humility, flexibility, and an open, cooperative demeanor. Our engineers truly love working here and they feel as though they are part of a carefully selected team of only the very best engineers.

At time of writing, Makai has about 30 employees, with 25 engineers who hold advanced degrees and experience in mechanical or civil engineering, computer science, physical oceanography, physics, and chemistry. We are seeking engineers who want to be the best at what they do. At Makai you’ll have the opportunity to make significant contributions that advance the state-of-the-art of your profession.

We are looking for outstanding people for the following position:


Recent  Numerical Modeler / Algorithm Developer

Makai Ocean Engineering conducts engineering studies and develops advanced software and hardware technologies for undersea applications. We are seeking a talented, self-starting individual with a strong background in engineering, physics, and/or applied mathematics to take a central role in our engineering modeling and analysis work. The successful candidate will have excellent communications skills with the ability to write clear and concise technical reports, demonstrate a solid grasp of physical system modeling fundamentals, and possess experience developing, implementing and verifying performance of numerical methods and algorithms. Most of the work will be done at the Makai Research Pier, located in Waimanalo, Hawaii. Limited travel to the U.S. mainland or to international destinations may be required. U.S. citizenship is required.


  • Apply advanced software models to analyze ocean engineering designs
  • Develop procedures and test scenarios to organize the modeling process
  • Conduct tests of modeling software and write custom code/scripts to evaluate effectiveness and identify issues
  • Develop, implement and test new software algorithms to improve modeling performance
  • Organize and document test results in clear, concise language
  • Write, edit and review Technical Reports
  • Provide input and assist developing technical proposals seeking future research and development funding


  • A Master’s of Science degree, or higher, in Engineering, Physics, or Applied Mathematics from an accredited college or university.
  • Demonstrated experience developing, implementing and applying numerical modeling, algorithm development and/or experimental data analysis techniques to understand, predict and control behavior of complex mechanical systems
  • Experience developing U.S. DoD technologies in related fields as signal processing, autonomous control or machine learning is a plus but not a requirement
  • Strong programming skills are required. Experience in FORTRAN is a big plus but not required
  • Demonstrated history of being self-motivated and working with minimal supervision
  • Willingness to learn new technical skills and flexibility to support innovative projects that may be initially “out of your comfort zone”
  • All of Makai’s work is ocean or marine related. Therefore, ocean experience or background is a plus

High priority will be given to candidates who are local to Hawaii or have strong connections to the islands. Makai provides engineers with interesting and challenging projects, a competitive salary, numerous company benefits, and a beautiful and unique work atmosphere.

U.S. citizenship is required. Possession of, or ability to qualify for, a U.S. Department of Defense security clearance is required. Makai participates in the Department of Homeland Security “E-Verify” Employment Eligibility Verification system for all new employees.

To apply for this position, please email the following two documents to Duke Hartman at

  1. Comprehensive Resume including your overall GPA in graduate and undergraduate studies, year(s) of graduation, current location, and indication of U.S. citizenship.
  2. Cover Letter highlighting how your education and experience are relevant to this position, and why you want to work for Makai Ocean Engineering, Inc.

All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, or national origin.

Makai Research PierMakai is a great place to work.


Makai Research PierOur office is on Makai Pier in gorgeous Waimanalo, Hawaii,  featured in National Geographic Magazine.


Makai Research PierOverhead view of Makai Pier from the cliffs of Makapuu.


Makai Research PierSunrise of Makapuu Point as seen from Makai’s offices.